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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Outdoor Education for Students at Risk

There are a number of students who have a difficult time in a traditional classroom setting. Getting those students outside can demonstrate capabilities that are sometimes hidden or misunderstood in a classroom setting.

This week, students from Mastery Academy (near Toronto) are joining us with their students who are slow learners for a variety of reasons. For these children, outdoor experiences are an opportunity to spread out and escape the sometimes extremely challenging indoor environment that often leaves them confined to a table or desk.

At this moment, over twenty such students are playing the Wolf Denning Game. A wonderful night time adventure that inspires students to look after the wellness of the pack, while at the same time celebrating the wisdom of their own true voice. As I type, mixed howls escape from the forest as beta wolf packs go in search of a den. They are teased by the other wolves who cannot supress the urge to howl in response to the howls of other packs.

As a classroom teacher, you may think about what opportunities you give your charges to howl and express themselves passionately, while inviting your class to look out for the pack and act with a genuine concern for others. Out here at the Edge, these are natural outcomes to a nature-based experiential learning program.

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