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Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Sense of Community

It was a dark and rainy afternoon when a large orange bus pulled up in front of the Kiln House and out poured students from Georgian College's ecotourism course....
The students appeared to be apprehensive when they learned that that they would be staying outside- with rain jackets, of course. Their intrepid guides, myself and Jen, attempted to warm them with an introduction to the program we had designed- entitled 'A Sense of Community'. Since this group of students had come to experience 72 hrs. in the life of the Northern Edge we strove to tap into the human senses sight, touch, taste and smell to experience the Edge community, human and non-human, at the Edge and within the bush... in hopes that they would remember more then the tapping of rain drops and the smell of wet earth- we had the students play some active games that encouraged them to work as a human community and introduced them to some non-human organisms...and turned them into 'tree huggers'- literally. They also recieved a 'behind the scenes' talk and tour of how our facility is run as a company with an ecological focus.
I hope they took home information that will helpful within their courses as well as life.

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