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Monday, November 13, 2006

Have a Healthy Winter

The leaves have fallen off the trees and we have a regular sprinkling of snow. Unfortunately, this is the beginning of the season that many people dread. Sadly, it is one of the most tempting seasons for many kids to stay inside and watch tv. This is not a healthy option- and as highlighted in recent national studies, many of our kids are developing unhealthy lifestyles and showing physical signs of medical malaise.

As educators, parents and role models we need to be sharing (perhaps even discovering) the many great activities that you can participate in seasonally. Winter is a great month for playing outside- the snow is a great medium for so many fun activities, skiing, snowshoeing, skating, dog sledding etc. There are also a number of great games you can play with children- build snow forts, snow people, observe animal tracks, have a 'below the neck' snowball fight etc.

As a part of school curriculum, these activities can be built into classes with a little creativity- art 'snow sculptures', chemistry- insulating factors of snow demonstrated with snow forts, etc. In upcoming months, in our newsletter 'Beyond the Walls', I plan on introducing a number of great activities for teachers to use to get students outdoors in the winter.

Of course, you could also book a youth winter retreat with us and we could introduce you and your youth group to a variety of fun and adventurous winter activities.

Approach winter with a positive attitude, and help your students to see how fun the winter can be. Not only will you be happier but your students may be healthier.

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