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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Gray Tree Frog

Check out these photos of a Gray Tree Frog I found the other day. Pretty Sweet. These guys are becoming quite vocal over these last few weeks in the evenings. Have you heard them yet in your neck of the woods?

Gray Tree Frog -- Hyla versicolor

General Description: 1.25 - 2" Relatively large compared to other tree frogs. Normally gray, but can be green in color.
Many different color variations. under parts of legs are usually orange or yellow and mottled with black. The light spot below the eye is usually distinctive.

Habits: Usually only seen on ground or by water during the breeding season. Spending most of thier time in trees.

Notes: They are masters of camoflague and blend in with thier surroundings, remaining invisible even at close distances.

Voice: Voice is a musical or flute-like trill. Speed of the trill is slower during colder weather.

Range: Found in eastern U.S. and southern Ontario and Quebec. Small colony can be found in N.B.

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