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Sample itinerary for
Algonquin Student Canoe Trip

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I had the privilege of taking a group of young women from the district secondary school to the Edge this summer.  Our goals were to do some outdoor volunteer projects, give service to our community and bond as a group of women. 

Warm greetings by
Edge staff  welcomed
us to the facility (that word is incongruent
with what the Edge
has to offer), rather we were welcomed to
their home, their
unique world that they
so openly and generously share. Our girls set to work by cutting wood, and cleaning up brush
around the Tee-Pee.  Handling bow saws and clippers was new to
us and the physical energy expelled by our group was fuelled by the natural energy we soaked in from our surroundings.

The new experiences we participated in, including a remarkable visit with Tibetan Monks who were visiting, capped off a very powerful day for all of us.  ~ Connie Hergott, Director, Connections



Day 1: Pathways into Algonquin

-Arrival at the Edge after 12:00pm: The group will unpack their belongings and begin our Northern Edge scavenger hunt where students will develop leadership and co-operations skills while learning more about our unique solar-powered facility.

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-Nature excursion to One-a-day lake for a back county dinner and hike.  We will explore the ecology of plants and search for signs of animal creatures along the way.

-Evening camp fire Wolf howl experience, learning about wolves and ancient legends of the natives.  Story telling brings alive the unique history and culture of the native people who have traveled and stayed in the Algonquin region.

Day 2: A Quest for the Golden Compass


-Canoe lessons and skills on Round lake where students will learn techniques necessary for a day’s adventure.

-Back country lunch in a sheltered bay.

-Afternoon orienteering map and compass activity exploring the lake where students will work together to solve challenges that require co-operation and clear communication within groups in order to accomplish the task given.

-Dinner at campsite.

-Evening activity: campfire and star gazing.  Working individually or with others we can reconnect the stars to tell ancient native constellation stories. 

Day 3: A Time for Reflection

-Optional sunrise paddle 


-Morning activity: Paddle dance on lake

-Back country lunch on Blue berry Island along with afternoon Tom Thomson painting experience on stones, birch bark, or wood

-Return paddle back to the Edge

-Pack up gear from camp site.

-Final dinner

-Closing Circle debrief of the experience.  Each individual will take an opportunity to reflect on what they feel they have learned.

-Return to the city.

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