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"Weve spent the past five months learning about Ecotourism, now we have visited this amazing place.  The Edge inspires me to do go out there and try to make a difference."

~ Sir Sanford Fleming College Ecotourism Management Student


"Weve looked at other centers and evaluated them by the 8 Eco-
tourism principles
weve learned about. 
The Edge is the only center we know of that is successful in
meeting all 8.

The Eco-Edge: Ecological Thought and Action

student outdoor education - hands on pic

We give students one-of-a-kind experiences that combine theory with practical hands-on experiences in designing and creating ecological projects.  Deep Ecology experiences inspire participants to develop their own projects once they return to their communities. 

students learning hands on outdoor educationActivities at the Edge have included developing ecological policies and procedures, conducting environmental assessments, facility design, trail development, rehabilitation and maintenance, gardening, designing rooftop gardens, implementing ecologically appropriate practices, orienteering, nature interpretation, and Council of All Beings; a shared creative experience where earth elements speak through mask-wearing student participants.

Northern Edge Algonquin, our off-the-grid campus has been receiving national and international attention for its ecological design and operation.  Todd Lucier, principal educator at the Edge presented a paper in Cuba, Brazil at the Ecotourism in the Americas Conference and had a paper published at the United Nations International Ecotourism Conference held in Ottawa in 2002.   He has also lectured on Ecological Decision making and Environmental Education issues at York University, Queens University, Sir Sanford Fleming College and the University of Windsor.