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“The Quest for the Golden Compass provided us with many opportunities to consider our individual talents and our relationships with others. I can’t wait to see what you dream up for our next visit.” ~ Dwayne Brunet, Holy Names H.S. Windsor.


Quest for the Golden Compass at our
Outdoor Education Centre

Our most popular year-round outdoor education centre program combine a wide variety of outdoor adventures with opportunities for personal reflection, team-building and creative expression as students learn to follow their true north!

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Students work together to master the Fall of Faith and defeat the Giant Tundra Spider.  Later they may meet the albino bear, discover the stories of Tom Thomson, find their way to the lost Courier du bois camp and seek out the Golden Compass on the Hemlock Ridge - all within comfortable distance of our overnight outdoor education centre.

Give us a call at 800 953-EDGE and  let us plan a memorable winter adventure for your group at our outdoor education centre.