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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Summer Youth Experiences

With the warm weather it seems that we have hopped right into summer. The great weather has many people inspired to start planning their summer outdoor adventures, and we are busy booking our summer programs.

This summer we are excited to announce our renewed vow to design our programs so that they reflect our mandate ‘to rediscover ourselves, empower others and heal our relationship with the earth’.

Now what exactly does this mean for our clients? Well, we have hired staff that are inspired by our mandate and have the creativity and passion to design adventure programs that are beyond the typical canoe trip or outdoor retreat experience. This means that groups will not only have excellent guidance for outdoor activities (canoeing, biking, kayaking etc.) but will also be facilitating learning on another level. They may foster youth’s interest in the natural environment by having them tap into their senses through art, play, tracking or facilitate the finding of a deeper sense of self by having them think about their life and experience in the outdoors.

Youth will still learn all of the important skills needed to safely travel in the outdoors but will leave our programs with something more- possibly a deeper sense of self, the importance of healthy communities (human and non-human), a new connection to the natural environment and a desire to continue learning about themselves, others and the natural environment.

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