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This was the most amazing trip ever.  I learned so much about the environment.   I learned how to stand tall because of this trip.  The Council of All Beings made me realize how important the environment and mother earth really are.     I will always keep this trip in my heart and never
forget what I learned here.


Inspire the Artist Within: The Tom Thomson Experience and more

Participants kindle the fires of their creative spirit with nature-based artistic experiences and a wide variety of creative endeavors encourages exploration and self-discovery.

Outdoor adventures that provide opportunities for participants to challenge themselves at the edge of their comfort zone.

Creative projects like mask-making, water color painting, standing stones and campfire drumming circles teach students about the power of metaphor, imagination, myth and archetype.

Story telling brings alive the unique history and culture of the people who have traveled and stayed in this Algonquin region, including Canadian art icon, Tom Thomson.

From Kay Douglas: "As a scout leader I arranged a trip to the edge to give the boys an experience that showed them a different side of life. One that would challenge the way they thought and introduced them to experiences that they may not have otherwise met. The trip was scheduled to experience the north, a quieter life that afforded us with an opportunity to listen and learn. We, as a group, played, hiked, cleaned the forest, paddled, made masks, built fires, howled at the moon, ate exceptionally well and were generally enriched by the experience of the personalities and vision afforded to us by our visit. We grew as a group, as leaders and each us took home a new perspective on how we viewed ourselves individually and as a team.

Challenge. We challenged ourselves with the guidance of the edge team to try new experiences, adventures, and generally have a great learning experience. The mix of people and personalities presented a variety of ways of looking at what we once thought was one dimensional to a vast palette of natural splendor. We met and exchanged with the staff and other guests at the edge.