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Friday, February 25, 2005

Experiential Education - the power of symbols

I was wondering about the power of symbols and images on my journey through Northern Ontario this week.
As educators, I think we need to realize that language skills are important, but often we ignore the value of symbols and images.

I ask myself would I remember passing through Mattice, if there wasn't a statue of a voyaguer, Moonbeam if there wasn't a space ship, Hearst if there wasn't a moose?

Perhaps I would, but the power of the images will anchor the names of those Northern Ontario towns in my mind for a long time - in some way it contributed to the experiential nature of my trip.

Experiential Education at it's core needs to include anchors for student reflection upon returning from an outdoor education experience.

That way, the memory of the outdoor education trip or experience can continue to hold strong influence in student lives - perhaps for years.

The use of a student journal, artwork, and/or creative activities should be considered as an essential part of every experiential education program.

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