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Saturday, April 23, 2005

WebQuest Blogs

The essence of experiential education is to involve students in experiences that are real vs. responding to assignments with just the teacher's needs in mind. Think about how you can engage students in reporting, writing, journaling, recording, editing using to create student Blogs.

The resulting Blogs can be used to display student learning to other students, parents, the school community and the teacher. As well, inspired students can respond to issues of personal concern by writing refined Web content in a Quest to let the world know more about their feelings, knowledge and beliefs regarding a wide variety of issues.

Writing for the Web can be an empowering educational experience. Students respond to such challenges with an inspired attention to good diction, spelling and other issues much like Science Fair Projects that are on public display often result in higher student performance.

Of course, this enhancement of effort and student results are directly proportional to the amount of freedom students have to choose the projects which make it to the Web on their personal WebQuest.

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