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Monday, January 15, 2007

Keeping 'green' while it gets white outside

We finally have snow...again! Thank goodness! I was starting to really feel like doomsday was close! Don't get me wrong I am still worried about the state of our environment and will continue to work to reduce my impact on the environment. In fact I am posting a few ideas to inspire students to work towards a healthy and sustainable environment. They are:

  1. Take your students on a tour of an environmentally or
  2. Have your students research an environmentally destructive practice or industry and have them write letters to applicable officials demanding change.
  3. Have your students come up with a measurable challenge for themselves and their family that lowers their impact on the environment.
  4. Have your students conduct a of your school or facility. Then come up with new regulations for reducing waste in the school.
  5. Have your students illustrate and create a world with a healthy environment and then have them come up with ten steps they will personally take to work towards this dream.
  6. Have your students create a green space in the school yard, and then produce a public education session on
...and of course we as individuals should model the 'green' behavior that we wish our youth to emulate.

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